Mary Sovick has been teaching workplace writing skills to companies and agencies since 1998. Write Track’s most requested seminars include the following: Email Seminars, Workplace Writing Tasks, Proposals and Requests, and Custom Designed Topics that allow workplaces to focus on their specific issues.

Email Seminars

Recently, Write Track has seen a growing demand for workplace email basic training and has responded with engaging and relevant training that has led agency directors to arrange for her return. These seminars can be designed as 1.5 to 3 hour sessions.


Best Practices for Workplace Email

This session provides simple methods to raise the awareness of the need for professionalism and to improve habits surrounding daily email communications.

How do you, your employees, and/or your co-workers know what is expected when writing internal and external emails? Email has become a primary vehicle for workplace communications. Many employees learned how to operate in the email environment as teenagers; others were self-taught as adults. If the workplace does not provide specific guidance about expectations for sending workplace-related email, habits developed in less formal environments emerge, sometimes creating image problems for the sender and the organization represented by the sender.

Topics typically covered in a 1.5 to 3 hour session:

  • Discussion of email problems relevant to course participants.
  • Ways to use email features such as reply-to-all, greetings and closings, headers (To, CC, BCC), and subject lines appropriately.
  • Ways to get your email read and acted upon.
  • Discussion of good email manners.
  • Discussion of customer service issues: professional tone and image (grammar and spelling included).

How to Write Professional and Persuasive Email Requests

This session shows that you can increase the likelihood you’ll receive what you’re asking for by becoming more skillful in writing well-organized, concise, persuasive, and professional requests. Topics covered in a three-hour session include:

  • Introduction to basic elements of persuasion
  • Tips for pre-planning your message
  • Tips for and examples of appropriate length, appearance, and organization of your email requests to local businesses and government agencies
  • Discussion of importance of grammar, mechanics, and spelling to your professional image.
  • Information on easy-to-access resources to support efforts to improve grammar & mechanics
  • Tips for writing concisely

Custom Designed Email Topics:

If your workplace wants to focus on specific needs and topics, Write Track will help design a session that satisfies your needs.

General Workplace Writing Seminars

Workplace Writing Tasks – Shorten Your Writing Time While Getting the Job Done Right

Half or full day sessions

Attend this fast-moving, lighthearted, content-filled, seminar and come away with useful tips to instantly apply to your daily writing tasks.

Learn how to make simple, subtle, and high impact improvements to your professional writing skills. The seminar provides useful guidelines to write coherently and increase the odds that readers will respond to your messages. It provides the rules and tools to help you gain confidence in your own abilities and the know-how to actually improve your writing. This session will focus on the following writing elements:

  • Basic technical writing skills for a variety of reports.
  • Techniques to overcome writer’s block.
  • A fresh look at and a fun review of basic grammar skills.
  • A painless review of punctuation.
  • A review of run-on sentences and fragments.
  • Tips for dealing with weak spelling skills.
  • Tips to help proofread and edit quickly and effectively.

How to Write and Deliver Persuasive Proposals and Convincing Requests

Learn how to prepare, organize, structure, and edit basic proposals. All too often, personnel rely on informal verbal requests to acquire the things they need. In this era of diminishing budgets, the need to construct convincing requests and proposals has become more apparent. Participants will learn a basic proposal format to help simplify the proposal and request-writing process and will become familiar with elements of persuasion that strengthen the process. Lessons learned in this session could be applied to simple station requests, budget requests, policy change requests, or to more formal requests for equipment, staffing, support, etc.

This seminar shows that the likelihood of getting what you need is directly linked to how clearly, correctly, completely, and convincingly you state your case in writing. Participants can take the proposal material back to their workplaces and instruct co-workers on how to use the format to bring higher quality requests to their funders and boards.

Custom Designed Email Topics:
If your workplace wants to focus on specific needs and topics, Write Track will help design a session that satisfies your needs.

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